To assist in your visit at Red Hill the following information is provided to ensure your visit is as pleasurable as possible.


Please proceed to the double door entry on the north side of the Clubhouse. By doing so you will have access to the Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge and the Gentlemen’s and Ladies Locker Rooms. The stairway to the right of the Foyer leads down to the Golf Shop, Snack Bar, and Golf Course.


1. Denim is allowed in the Clubhouse but not in the Dining Room and Ballrooms after 5 pm.

2. Denim is NOT allowed on the golf course or practice facilities at any time.

3. Women’s shorts and skirts may be no higher than mid-thigh.

4. Men’s shorts may not be higher above the knee than four inches, and may not hang below the knee.

5. Cargo type shorts or pants (those with patch pockets on the legs) are NOT allowed on the golf course or in the Clubhouse.

6. During Daylight Savings evening hours, appropriate shorts, as noted above, may be worn in the Dining Room.

7. Men’s hats and visors must be removed when entering the Dining Room, Ballrooms, and Cocktail Lounge

8. Hats are permitted in the Locker Room, Card Room, and Snack Bar and must be worn with the bill facing forward.

9. Men’s’ shirts must have collars, mock turtleneck shirts are acceptable, and must be worn tucked in on the golf course.

10. Men’s shirts designed to be worn ‘un-tucked’ may only be worn in the Clubhouse.

11. Men’s open-toed shoes are not allowed in the Dining Room or Ballrooms at any time.

12. On the golf course, “soft spiked” or “spike less” golf shoes are required.

13. Clothing NOT permitted in the Clubhouse and on the golf course include

.Tank tops, “T” shirts, halter-tops for women and sleeveless shirts for men.

.Cargo type shorts or pants – those with patch pockets on the legs.

.Sweat pants, gym wear, tennis shorts, warm-up and swim attire.


Cell phones are NOT to be used in areas of the Clubhouse other than the Locker Rooms. When on the golf course please use cell phones with discretion so as not to disrupt other players.


Gratuities are automatically added to all food and beverage charges, additional tipping is optional.

We hope your visit to our Club is most enjoyable.